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Supernatural Storyline w.01 The Pretender

The sound of a motorcycle was heard outside of the Roadhouse. The hunters were talking amongst themselves. The usual noise level was heard mixed with the rock of George Thorogood’s Bad to the Bone. The loud rumble of the motorcycle cut out in front of the bar. The patrons didn’t seem to be phased but you could tell they were on edge and waiting to see who would be walking through the door.

As the door opened a bright light filled the entrance of the bar. Illuminating the inside of the bar. The bartender shielded her eyes from the light trying to see who was there. The hunters tensed even more moving their hands to their weapons. The lights finally shut off leaving a lone figure standing in the doorway. A white duster swaying behind it from the breeze outside.

The person walked into the bar. A pair of wrap around sunglasses blocking the eyes of the new comer. With each footstep conversation stopped in the bar, the music which had been going even silenced as the person stepped up to the bar and looked at the woman behind the counter. A gloved hand reached up pulling the sunglasses off. As the sunglasses slipped into a hidden pocket inside the duster the juke box started playing again. The Foo Fighters Pretender playing in the background.

A woman stood looking at the bartender, a slow smile spread across her lips. “Hello. Do you know where the Winchester boys are? Dean and Sam?” The voice that came from the lips was soft and gentle. A sense of calm descended on the bar. The woman behind the counter shook her head with practiced ease. “Never heard of them.” The woman in the white duster leaned forward, her gloved hand resting against the bar top. “Lying does not become you so please do not lie to me Ellen.” The woman leaned back standing straight up again. “Now I’ll ask you again. Do you know where Sam and Dean Winchester are?”

Several hunters started to bristle wondering who this person was. Ellen looked at the woman again. “They left about three hours ago heading to ZigZag Oregon.” The woman nodded. “ZigZag, at the base of Mt. Hood right?” Ellen nodded. The woman smiled again. “Thank you Ellen. Your work here is very valuable.” The woman put a box on the counter sliding it to her. “This is for you. Please keep it safe.”

With that the woman left slipping the sunglasses back on and walked out of the bar. The motor cycle started up outside, followed by the roar of a semi truck. As they drove away Ellen opened up the box. Inside wrapped in old newspaper was what looked like a very old cup made out of wood. She examined it for a few minutes then put it back in the box. Moving down stairs she put it away and brought up another case of beer. Everyone in the bar seemed calmer though, even the music had changed playing a soothing song.

The car suddenly sputtered and lurched. Dean held onto the wheel looking around at the gages trying to figure out what was going on. He tried giving it gas but it only slowed more before it finally died. He moved the car over to the side of the road and put it in park. He tried to start it again but all he got was a click then nothing when he tried it again. “Oh what the hell?” He popped the hood and got out grabbing the flashlight he opened the hood and looked around the engine. “This doesn’t make any sense.” He said to himself checking here and there to find out why the car had died.

Sam woke up hearing his brother talking to the car. He looked around but only saw tree’s lining both sides of the road. “Dean? What’s going on?” Sam opened up the passenger door and stepped out with a flashlight moving to the front giving Dean more light. Nothing under the hood made much sense to Sam, Dean was the one who knew how it worked.

Dean shook his head. “I’ve got not clue. She started sputtering and I got her over to the side but she died. I can’t get her started again.” Dean said moving around to the back of the car. He opened the trunk and propped the shotgun to brace the lid open. “I’ll get her up and running Sam don’t worry.” He grabbed another flashlight and some tools then moved back around to the front.
Sam watched him a moment then shook his head. He’d been wondering if and when the car would finally give out. And it looked like it was going to leave them stranded in the middle of nowhere. A sound caught Sam’s attention and he looked up watching as a single beam of a headlight broke the darkness. He kept track of the light as it got closer. He was fairly sure that whoever it was would drive right on by. Most people did in this day and age. But the bike was slowing down and finally came to a stop a little bit away from Sam. “Hey…Dean?” Sam called out.

The figure got off the bike, its duster hiding the body. The white helmet lit by the light from Sam’s flashlight. The person took the helmet off to reveal very long blond hair it seemed to go down to the waist. Sam felt his jaw drop a bit as the person turned and a very beautiful woman looked at him. She smiled. “Hi Sam, you guys having car problems?”
The woman walked from the bike towards the front of the car. She put her hand on Sam’s arm as she passed. He’d been about to ask her something but one touch and he just smiled as she passed. The woman moved to the front of the car and poked her head under the hood. “Need some help?”

Dean jumped startled at her voice and backed up. She smiled, “Hi Dean. Do you need any help” He looked at her blinking. “How the hell do you know my name?” He asked reaching behind him to where his gun was hidden.

She smiled. “I know a lot about you and your family Dean. But the important thing right now is to make sure you guys have a car that’s up and running.” Dean looked at her and asked again. “Who are you?” The woman looked up from the engine. “Oh, right sorry.” She held her hand out to him. “My name is Jessie. Your dad helped my family out a while back. He said if I ever needed any help and he wasn’t…” She frowned. “Sorry…about his passing. He’s…in a better place now.” She released his hand. “Anyway he said if I needed any help to contact you. So I’m contacting you.” She smiled. “Let me radio you guys in and we’ll get you guys to the nearest town.” She placed her hand on the side of the car. “Though if you want to try again to see if she’ll start you can.”

Dean shook his head. “I can try but she was pretty dead when I tried it last time.” Jessie nodded and smiled. “Well, how about you give it one more try.” Dean shrugged and got into the car. “If she starts we can head to the next town and talk, if she doesn’t, I can radio the rest of my crew and tell them where we are, though they’ll be through here in an hour or so.” Dean looked at her and put the key into the ignition turning the key. The car purred to life. “Yeah baby! Don’t scare me like that again!” Dean yelled in energetically. Jessie just laughed as Sam moved to the passenger side of the car. “Well, how about we head to the next town and you guys can get a hotel. We can probably find a diner and I’ll buy you guys dinner. Tell you about how your dad helped my family out.”

Dean nodded and motioned for Sam to get in the car. “Sounds like a great idea.” Jessie smiled at him. “Good, I’ll follow you guys on my bike.” She moved back and put her helmet on starting the bike. Dean and Sam pulled out and headed down the road. He looked back seeing the single headlight following behind them.

Sam looked over at Dean. “You ever get the feeling that Dad talked a lot about us to people?” Dean shrugged. “Never really gave it that much thought, he knew a lot of people.” Sam nodded but opened his dad’s journal looking through it to see if there was any mention of a Jessie.
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