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Supernatural Intro


Kalista Allison Lexington was born September 9, 1983 in Omaha, Nebraska.  Her sister Sheryl Josephine Lexinton was born 2 minutes earlier than her.  For almost two months everything seemed harmonious in the small split level house.  Her father Frank Lexington worked at the Meat Packing Local 22 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.  Her mother Ellen Lexington was a stay at home wife, who had planned on being a stay at home mom.  They were comfortable in their starter home.

They'd never had any issues with anything.  Frank and Ellen were high school sweethearts who got married a year out of high school, the kids came four years later.  They had had it all planned out.  In October of that year they'd taken the girls out in the stroller, showing off the little Piglet, who was Sheryl, and Pooh Bear who of course was Kalista.  They didn't get any candy but all the neighbors said how cute they were and that was really what they were going for.

The night went easy and they came back home.  The next day passed unremarkably as well.  However the next night did not go so easily.  Frank had gotten home early from work, he and Ellen got the kids fed and bathed like normal and put them to bed... 

As they sat down to dinner the Ellen got a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach.  She tried to ignore it as her mom said she would always feel the need o be around the girls since it was her first time.  So she tried to tell herself it was all right.  Frank looked up at her, "Ellen..." he gave a slight chuckle.  "Go check on them if you want to.  It's all right.  They're just sleeping, either that or Sheryl is cooing and keeping Kalista up like normal."

Ellen smiled at Frank and nodded her head.  "I'm sure it's all right.  I'll check on them after dinner."  Frank just smiled and they began to talk about what they were going to do that weekend, it being Wednesday and hump day, Frank was looking forward to the weekend.  They'd decided to take the girls across the river to Council Bluffs Iowa to visit Franks sister and brother in law.  After dinner Ellen did the dishes and Frank went to watch television.  When Ellen was finished she kissed Frank on the top of the head and walked up the stairs to check on the girls.

As she acended the stairs the lights flickered.  "Frank, the lights are doing that thing again, maybe Sunday you can look into it?"  Ellen called down hearing a 'Yes dear'.  She smirked since that was always his answer to fixing these lights.  Ellen turned but stopped in the hall entrance.  The lights were off and the window at the end was open.  She hadn't recalled opening it but perhaps Frank had done so.  She flipped the light switch but the light didn't come on.  Frowning she moved towards the girls room.  A light was coming from under the door.  She hurried towards it and touched the knob.  She turned it to open it and the door was jerked open.

Frank heard his wife asking him to check the lights this weekend and told her yes dear.  He'd check on it on Sunday.  He smiled and flipped the channels.  A few minutes later he heard Ellen scream.  "ELLEN!?!"  He was up and running up the stairs.  The light on the stairway blew sending shards of glass flying.  Ducking it he ran down the hall to the girls room.  "ELLEN?!"  He tried the door but it wouldn't budge.  Pushing against it it felt like there was a lead weight against the other side.

Moving back he kicked at the door several times when it finally opened.  The room was normal.  He hurried over to the girls and looked down.  Sheryl was on her back looking all around the room.  Kalista looked scared.  Her face scrunched up in a silent cry.  "Ellen?"  He looked around but didn't see her then looked back down to Kalista reaching down to pick her up when he felt something wet slat against the back of his neck.

Moving his hand to it he pulled his fingers away to find something red and sticky.  He smelled the substance, blood.  What the...he looked up and there was Ellen.  A red slash across her stomach, splayed against the ceiling.  "ELLEN!"  He reached up for her but the ceiling burst into flames, red and blue and orange surrounding her.  She was trying to say something but he couldn't hear it.  The flames were moving down the walls, he was in a panic.  He didn't know what to do.  He turned grabbing Sheryl then Kalista up in his arms and ran outside yelling for help.  He handed the girls to a neighbor and ran back inside.  He house's upstairs burst into flames.  It was the last anyone ever saw of Frank and Ellen Lexington. 

The fire inspector said the fire was due to faulty wiring in the old house.  And wasn't it a tragic thing for the two poor babies to go through. 

~24 years later~

Kalista sat on the bench at Berkley University looking down at the Rave ticket she'd been given and smiled up at Chad who had given it to her.  "I'll try and come."  She grinned and looked around.  She'd been living in Berkley for 4 years now attending the University and was glad that she was finally out of the Mid West.  She'd stayed as long as she could for her sister but she just couldn't stay there anymore.  There was more to life than that.  And here she'd finally found more friends and a better life, with more opportunities than the small town of Cascade, Nebraska.

Smiling she got up and headed towards the house that she shared with four other girls and two boys.  Rent was expensive here but splitting it seven ways was an easy way to over come that.  They were going to have a Halloween Party at the local Coffee House/Jazz Club.  She really wasn't one for Halloween.  She didn't like this time of year but she put on a happy face so her friends wouldn't know that she was down.

She'd do it again this year, but, it seemed every year was the same.  She knew to expect a phone call from her Aunt who had raised them, knew to expect a call from Sheryl who would either be yelling at her no good husband, or crying her eyes out because she was so drunk she still couldn't cope.  Taking a deep breath Kalista looked at her reflection in the window and frowned.  Quickly turned around the figure she'd seen behind her in the window wasn't there any longer.  Shaking her head she made a promise to herself to get more sleep tonight.
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